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Become one of our many success stories

Your $100 annual membership fee benefits include:

*  Your business listing on the 3 East website and social media

*  Monthly meetings to network and showcase your business

*  Access to mentors and vendors for your business

*  Active influence in the direction of our business district(s)

*  Vote on Neighborhood Business District Support Funds (NBDSF) - approximately $2,500/year

*  Vote on Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP) grant application - approximately $1.5/2 million split between 34 Cincinnati business districts annually

*  Active involvement in our Community Entertainment District (CED)

*  Participation in our neighborhood promotional programs, including the Tusculum Street Fest and Columbia Tusculum Historic Home Tour

*  Active involvement supporting Riverview East Academy





Members are encouraged to attend two meetings OR participate in two association events.


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